Sunday, June 1, 2008


For No Apparent Reason.

It's how the Modus Operandi of boys, right? Things don't have to make sense. To you.

Last year the boys were digging a hole by the side of the garage. FNAR. They came upon a rock. A really big rock. A challenge.

We've had two big rocks dug out of the yard by a contractor with a small excavator. This rock is bigger. The boys decided to dig it out. FNAR. They succeeded in digging all around it and loosening it. They even found a chunk of 4 x 4 to use as a lever (it's a physics lesson!) and tried to pry it out, but it is about two feet down in a hole and they couldn't shift it far enough.

Kerry got worried that one of them would somehow get caught under the rock, so he put a stop to that, and they lost interest for awhile. Until today.

Today it's not a rock in a hole, it's the entrance to a mine. They have done more digging, wedged the 4 x 4 between the rock and the slope, and leaned/nailed all manner of scrap wood around it to make a sort of shelter. And then they found a piece of something they claim is charcoal and proceeded to write dire warnings all over the scrap wood.

"Do not enter!"


"Watch out for the mine!"

But this is what cracks me up. They couldn't wait to bring us over to show us:

"No parents allowed!"

Because, yeah, I really wanted to climb down into a hole beside a rock. FNAR.

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