Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gunnar... 7!

I can't believe it. My "baby" is seven years old. If you read the previous entry about Father's Day, you already know that I forgot the camera and failed to get a single picture of his "family party".

(Bad Mom). But....

While I was gone to KS, he got another party! I had to be away on his actual, real birthday - which he was VERY gracious about - and Grandpa and Grandma had all the boys, Kerry, and my sister up to dinner. Grandma even baked him a birthday brownie, since he's not big on cake. AND presents had come in the mail from his other grandparents, so he even had something to open.

And this is how totally cool my boys are... while I was gone, they spent three days with Grandpa and Grandma (so Daddy could get some work done!) They took chalk and wrote on the driveway: Mom, we are praying for you! And they each signed their names, too. And emailed it to me.

Wow. I love those guys!

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