Sunday, June 1, 2008

Two Surprises

* So we're trying to eat healthier food.

* Once in awhile I cook breakfast for dinner.

* Kerry loves sausage.

I bought a package of BOCA Breakfast "Sausage". I mean, how far wrong can you go with a product that is - in the original - made of unmentionables, fat, and seasoning?

Very far, apparently. Further than I could imagine, from the picture on the box (which actually looked like real food.)

Surprise #1: The "sausages" were AWFUL. They didn't even smell like anything when they cooked. And they were mushy and sticky.

Surprise #2: The boys were polite about it. And we didn't even have any company.

Oh, they took one little bite and refused to eat any more. So did I. I think, maybe, they were so horrified by the squishy little brown sticks I had put next to their food that they may have been (briefly) speechless. We're talking, this is a good candidate for Fear Factor, because they looked exactly like something the dog did.


Stretch Mark Mama said...

I hear ya! You ever look at the ingredient list on the back of that Boca stuff? Ai yi yi. That's not food, it's sawdust.

Julie said...

Actually, I think I would prefer sawdust. At least it would taste like wood, and I know what that IS.