Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Testoster-Zone

I was folding some laundry when I heard what sounded like someone knocking on a window. This would be weird, on the second floor, but I knew Kerry was cleaning gutters. (A good move after four years of needles dropping from the big Doug Fir!) But why would he be knocking on a window?

I headed for the school-room, in the front of the house, but heard the knocking again when I reached the top of the stairs. I looked way up to the skylight and saw... four faces looking down at me!

Kerry let those three boys climb all the way to the tip top of the house to look down the skylight! Not roped up or anything, and it's a pretty steeply pitched roof.

I was calm, but two things were going through my mind.

* It's a lot easier to climb up than down.

* Why aren't you using the Fall Protection?!

They are all safely in bed... hallelujah.

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