Monday, June 2, 2008

Outside toys and inside toys

This is an important distinction to make, with a house full of boys. For at least two reasons:

1. Once you make something an outside toy, it will rarely be allowed back in the house (too dirty).

2. I would like my house not be be mistaken for a demolition project.

So, two of the boys spent some of their own money at the store today. Tate wanted a (suction-tip) bow and arrow, and Gunnar got a little boomerang. Plastic, $2, and it actually works. Wow.

Then I hear "thunk... thunk... thunk" on the windows. Hmmm, the windows will probably stand up to Tate's assault, but why take that chance, when the window in the kitchen-to-mudroom door has already been replaced with plexi-glass (complete with a target drawn on it, in dry-erase marker that refuses to erase). So the "thunk... thunk... thunk..." has moved to the kitchen.

That will be fine until it's time to make dinner. (I have this apparently unreasonable aversion to having to dodge projectiles while I'm cooking.)

Then I hear Gunnar's little voice, "Mom, can I throw my boomerang at the door too?"

"No, honey, the boomerang is an outside toy."

Indignantly, "WHAAAAT?"

All I have to say is don't take anything for granted with boys.

As to why the door between the kitchen and the mud-room has a plexi-glass window... that's a story for another day.

P.S. The picture... not my actual kid.

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