Thursday, June 26, 2008

Testosterzone #5

At our first house, the boys had a favorite place to play, behind the patio, under several rhododendron and forsythia bushes, where no grass grew. They could play in 'pure dirt'.

They were concerned, when we moved to our 'new' house, that there might not be enough dirt for their liking. Really.

HA! We have dirt. LOTS of dirt. We have a a whole corner of our yard where nothing but weeds will grow, and they can do whatever they like.

Which, being boys, they do.

Note to self: Next time, remove HA's first.

These boys love dirt. I think they love dirt just for the pure joy of being dirty. Dirt is their true medium. Tate especially. Tate works in dirt, like some painters work in oils.

Why did they do this?

I have absolutely no idea. It was "fun"!?!

Ben Franklin said,

"Men and melons are hard to know."


Stretch Mark Mama said...

I barked at my boys all the way to the farmer's market last weekend about "not stepping the in puddles" and while I was saying that I remembered - stepping in mud puddles was one of my favorite parts of childhood. I need to find them some dirt somewhere.

Kari said...

That picture is absolutely precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!