Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ten Minutes from Normal

Actually, that's the title of a book by Karen Hughes, if I remember right. But it may just describe my boys, also.

As I mentioned (below) we had our last meeting of the year with our ASL teacher today. The boys each made a thank-you card. Gunnar drew a beautiful picture of the flowers in front of the school. Wyatt drew a very clever picture of himself with about 20 arms, all doing different signs. And Tate drew a really detailed picture of the little flowers, in a pot, we were bringing as a gift. Then, he added a bunch of little tiny soldiers fighting a battle around the pot, and in among the stems of the plant. Very Tate.

I asked him if he had one plastic soldier he'd be willing to part with, and his eyes lit up as he understood the idea. He selected a special, but not too special, little soldier that he hid in the flower pot. This inspired Wyatt, who wrote this:

Look carefully around the plant,

you may find a small surprise,
camoflaged, quite unseen,
and hidden from your eyes.

Cool. She loved it!

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