Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bookworm Award... continued

Around the dinner table, this evening, I mentioned the Bookworm Award.

The boys were intrigued.

They bring you page 56, sentence 5, from the books they are reading in Silent Reading time. Well, Gunnar and I read "Hop on Pop", but - again - I'm not sure there ARE 56 pages, so he made another selection.

"An' you know what else? I think that dragon is followin' me around!"
"Fone Bone! We've been over this a hundred times!"
"But I'm tellin' ya, I saw one! He had a goatee, 'n' a cigarette, 'n' big ol' hairy ears like this!"
Out From Boneville, by Jeff Smith

"For dinner on my birthday shall I tell you what I chose:
Hot noodles made from poodles on a slice of garden hose -
And a rather smelly jelly
Made of armadillo's toes.
(The jelly is delicious, but you have to hold your nose.)
James and the Giant Peach, by Roald Dahl

"It was going to pass no more than a hundred yards from us, closer to us than any tripod had been on this trip. There was no satisfaction this time, but a great relief when it had gone past. Until I saw it swing around and turn toward us, and heard the ululation that I had twice heard before and had cause to dread."
The City of Gold and Lead, by John Christopher

So there :0)


Ambulance Mommy said...

Cool! :) Glad to hear the boys got into it too!

Julie said...

They were so funny. I told them about the challenge and that I was to pick 5 people, and they immediately did the "Pick me! Pick me!" thing. When I said it needed to be someone with a blog, their faces fell.

Then I thought, "Duh! I can put them up on mine, of course!"

Happiness restored.