Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nice Try

The boys think it is a wonderful treat to sleep in the Big Bed with Mom. This works to our advantage, as we dangle this privilege from time to time. Gunnar tries especially hard to work his way into the Big Bed... just look at the face. Could YOU resist?

What Happened:
So, last night, Kerry was out late with his brother, and I put the boys to bed and told them to BE QUIET. They all share a room, so this can be an issue. Tate, of course, without his HA, usually goes immediately to sleep, but Wyatt and Gunnar will sometimes chatter.

I called from my office for them to quit talking and go to sleep. Pretty soon, little feet pitter pattered across the hall. "Mom, Wyatt is keepin' me awake, talkin'. " It was late, and I wanted QUIET! Knowing that Wyatt resents it when Gunnar gets to sleep in the Big Bed (and that Wyatt is usually the one who keeps talking and talking and talking...) I escorted Gunnar back to the bedroom and announced: "Wyatt, if you keep talking, I'm going to let Gunnar sleep in my bed!"

Not five minutes later, (I could still hear a bit of chattering), Gunnar marched triumphantly into my office with Wyatt on his heels, and declared, "Wyatt won't quit talkin', so now I get to sleep in YOUR bed!"

Wyatt gave me a knowing look and explained, "But Mom, he asked me, 'What d'ya wanna talk about?' "

Nice try, Gunnar! Back to bed!

Never a dull moment...


leahlefler said...

Hey, you gotta give the kid points for strategy! They're smart little buggers sometimes! ROFL.

Deborah said...

Lol! Great tactics! We've been barraged with similar ones. I'm always amazed at what they can come up with to get what they want.

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! I couldn't resist that face either. Your blog looks terrific by the way!

Julie said...

I have a VERY hard time resisting those pleading little eyes :0)

And thanks for the compliment... I take no credit. The look came from

Karen Putz said...

LOL! My kids used to sleep with us and now at 15, 13, and 11-- I miss those days.