Saturday, November 22, 2008

Going "i viking"

Right before I had my tonsils out we spent a couple of weeks on the Vikings. The boys loved this, for obvious reasons (!) and because they know that part of my family heritage is Swedish... in other words, "WE are Vikings, aren't we Mom?"

We're using Story of the World for our history studies, and there are always more activities to choose from than we'll ever have time to do, but these little Viking ships caught my eye. The boys were intrigued, but I decided this was a much better "Daddy project". (Kerry LOVES models.) So I prepared all the materials, with the instructions, and asked him to do them with the boys during the weekend I was recuperating at my parents.

Well, I'm not complaining - truly! - I'm just saying that they just put them together Thursday and Friday evening, THIS week. Cool, though, aren't they?

Seems like every time we take a picture of the boys, we have to also take a silly picture. The fun thing about this one is that above Gunnar's head you can see a photo of OUR house taken, we think, in 1902. My grandma was not born yet, but she could name most of the people in the photo.


leahlefler said...

Very cool! We learned a lot about Vikings while living in Ireland. There are stone towers throughout much of the country (built by the Irish who were keeping an eye out for Viking invaders) and County Wexford is actually from a Viking work (Wex Fjord or something of that nature). We lived close to Glendalough which had a stone tower- it was neat to see some of that type of history first-hand!

Julie said...

Oh, I'm envious! That sounds fascinating!