Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Brilliant Deduction

(I wrote this on Thursday, but forgot to post it. Oops. A perfect reflection of my fuzzy thinking of late...)

Okay, it’s been a week, and I really hoped I’d be feeling better than this by now.

It must be all the medication. Yeah. That’s the problem. If I could just get off the meds, all would be well.

That darn Vicodin makes me dizzy and sometimes nauseous… and all I do is lay around and sleep. Can’t even read much.

So (brilliant foggy-minded reasoning): if I could just quit taking the Vicodin, and take Tylenol instead (which does NOT usually make me dizzy or nauseous) all will be well!

Oh. Then there’s PAIN. Yeah. I forgot about the PAIN.

I guess that Vicodin isn’t so bad after all.

1 comment:

leahlefler said...

Oh... I was hoping you'd be mostly recovered by now! Sleepy and foggy is better than pain, but I'll pray that the pain will stop so that the foggy can stop, too. Hope you feel better soon!