Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Figgers" of Speech

Looking back again... Wyatt was a VERY early talker. And he talked and talked and talked. A lot. Another mom-friend and I were just comparing notes on our boys. I think they all went through a stage when they just talked non-stop. It was like having your life narrated.

At times I thought I'd lose my mind, but I miss the unique ways they would express things. It was such a window into their developing understanding. So here are a few 'Wyatt quotes', from about the time Tate was born. Wyatt was 2 1/2.

A spontaneous thought on autumn: “I see green leaves and yellow and orange and red and brown and purple and green. And those leaves will fall off and the trees will just have branches. And then winter will come and it will be cold. And then in the spring it will get warm and God will give those trees new leaves. Green.”

On Kerry having an esophageal manometry: “Daddy had a test, like a coconut tree and he SWALLOWED it.” (coconut tree... manome-tree) I was amazed at what he’d put together in his head!

After (baby) Tate had been home from the hospital for a few days: “Let Mama to take Baby Tate home.” I told him Tate IS home - he lives here with us. Where should he go? “To the hospital!”

When a woman at church asked if it was fun to have a baby brother: A solemn expression and a very emphatic, "NO!"

When Aunt Tami took care of Wyatt one morning so I could have some quiet time with baby Tate, he knew knew he would be coming home to take a nap. When the time came to leave (her apartment) he started to make a Big Noisy Fuss. She gave him our “party line” - some variation along the theme of “if you leave graciously you’re much more likely to get this privilege again sooner rather than later.” With great effort, he pulled himself together and as they were getting into her car, announced, “You will be HAPPY to have me again another time!”

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