Monday, November 10, 2008

Double Digits!

Tate is TEN!!!

The day I 'crashed' was the day we celebrated Tate and my mom's November birthdays. I had originally planned to host the dinner at our house, but that plan changed when my surgery was scheduled.

God bless "Grandma", she put on her own birthday dinner and made it oh-so-special for my Tater-bug.

Here he is, cuddling his Webkinz gecko. Even a 10-year old likes cuddly toys, once in awhile. Especially when they allow him to have an account to play the webkinz games... what he REALLY wanted :0)

He's amazed that I actually remembered the exact G-I Joe soldier toys he had pointed out on a shopping expedition. (Well, duh, I was taking NOTES, for goodness sake!)

Uncle Dave picked a winner of a Star Wars card :0)

And - oh boundless joy - the Star Wars Spider Droid Lego Kit he has been asking for, these long months of waiting.

The party was a success!

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leahlefler said...

I have a secret love of Legos- I can't wait until my boys are old enough to play with the "real" legos (we're in Duplo phase right now)!

Happy birthday to Tate- 10 is a great age!