Monday, November 10, 2008

Progress Report

To my real life and my blog-world friends...

I am really grateful for the prayers and encouragement that has come my way :0) Thanks for all the notes, the ice cream, the dinners, and especially the prayers. Today it is 3:20 pm and I have not had a nap! And I'm down to 1/2 a Vicodin every 3 or 4 hours. That means I have a bit of pain (manageable) but am getting away from the loopiness. Tomorrow I think I'll just try Tylenol, and save the V. for bedtime :0)

This has been a very weird (and unpleasant) experience, and I am hopeful that the rewards are yet to come... in the form of not having strep or tonsillitis on an almost on-going basis. Oddly, it has not really been a case of feeling a little better each day, but more like two-steps forward, one back, two forward, one back...

I really "crashed" on Friday. Fortunately the boys were playing at my friend's (thanks Mel!) I thought I was drinking enough, but apparently relying on thirst (and, really, I was peeing!) just isn't enough to go by. I got dehydrated. Seriously. I was almost delirious. Just breathing made me nauseous. Kerry was going to go to a meeting (I think?) and I begged him not to leave me alone, because something was really WRONG. Not pain, just WRONG. He got the Doc's office on the phone and they (correctly) thought dehydration was the cause. Fortunately I could keep down small sips of water. Kerry sat next to me, not letting me fall asleep, offering me alternate sips of water and gatorade until... ta daaaa!

Mommy to the rescue!

Talk about being a big crying baby. Kerry was doing all the right things, but I WANTED MY MOM! Yes, I am - ahem - 42 years old, but I wanted my mom!

I have to say it is amazing how quickly the body bounces back with proper fluids. The doc's office recommended the water AND gatorade, because my electrolytes were probably all screwed up, and I avoided having to be "IV'ed" back to health.

Interestingly (or not, if you're more than saturated with this...) my lymph nodes had felt swollen and tender all week, but once I got hydrated they quit bothering me.

So... I am still feeling like a weakling. I get tired easily, and need lots of fluids and TLC, which I get in abundance, at home. I was happy to go to church yesterday, though I took a 2+ hour nap, afterwards.

We'll be starting to ease back into homeschooling tomorrow... SO thankful my mom and dad did some history and math with the boys, so we are not "behind" (on my schedule).



Denise Portis said...

So glad you are doing better! I've been praying for you. I didn't know all that about dehydration, Vic. etc., WOW.

Hopefully this will keep you "well" this and many winters to come!

Tina Marie said...

Little did you know how much Gatorade would become your friend when you learned how much of it I have to drink.

I am thankful you are feeling better!

Julie said...

Oh my goodness,

honestly, I was thinking of you and your Gatorade :0)

I've been keeping a few small bottles in our bathroom and drinking one first thing in the morning.

I am VERY thankful to be feeling better!