Friday, May 22, 2009

Death is not dying

Have you seen this - Death is not Dying?

My friend Susan, in Brazil, sent me this link. I don't have the techie cleverness to import the video, but you can click the link above and see it for yourselves.

And you should.

But wait until the kids are in bed, because it's almost an hour long and you won't want to be interrupted. And you'll want tissues.

Rachel is a young mother and wife, and she is dying of breast cancer that has spread to her bones, liver, and brain. She was asked to speak to the women's group at her church in Vancouver, B.C. They expected about 40, but apparently ended up changing the venue to accommodate ~600 women. She clearly and compellingly gives a reason for the hope that she has. You'll want to listen.

(And this isn't some kind of infomercial... they're not selling or soliciting anything.)

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