Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Waxing Mundane

I read other people's blogs. Lots of different kinds of blogs. My (in real life) friends' blogs. Mommy blogs. Deaf mommy blogs. Homeschool blogs. Theology blogs. Eclectic blogs. In fact, I borrowed the post title from a blog I read ;-)

It's a fascinating world.

And here is my little corner of it. And I have this tension: I don't want to pour out such ridiculously mundane trivia of our lives that nobody in their right mind wants to read. But on the other hand, too impersonal = boring.

So, I give you this Tuesday evening offering of randomness, from out house to yours.

1. The Bible reading is going great. I'm kind of in quiet awe. I don't want the boys to think that I had low expectations, but frankly, I'm a bit surprised we've made it this far.

If you're new here, we're trying to read through the whole Bible, aloud, in a year. We're using The Daily Bible, so we read an OT passage every morning at breakfast, a NT passage at lunch, and a Psalm and a couple of verses from Proverbs every evening with dinner.

Yes, we've occasionally gotten behind, like last weekend when Kerry and I went to the homeschool conference. But not so far behind that it seemed like a huge amount of effort to get caught up. And I think the boys are kind of proud of themselves :0) They often volunteer to read aloud.

This is really cool.

2. The boys got their "Summer Buzz-Off" haircuts early this year. I didn't get photos... I was a bit distracted. I usually wait for warmer weather, but Gunnar went happily off to AWANA and the next morning we were told that there was someone there with lice.

"Haircuts today!"


3. I like to think that we live in a nice neighborhood. Maybe I'm delusional.

My first clue was the big drug bust, a year and a half ago, just around the corner. It was a big deal. Swat team, dogs, concussion grenades, etc. The house was seized and resold.

Then - unrelated - in the last two weeks the police have reopened a 19 year old "missing person" case, most likely a murder. They've been digging up the yard and basement of a house a couple blocks away.

Double ew.

4. On the way home from our sign language class we saw two more Northern Alligator Lizards. They were too fast for me, but Tate (or course!) caught one of them.


5. As we finished dinner Kerry commented on a goody bag Gunnar brought home last weekend. Gunnar recounted for us the wonderful awesomeness that was Juliann's party, culminating with an obstacle course involving ladders, tunnels, balancing, and "throwin' sponges at headless Barbies!"

Never a dull moment.


The Squirrel said...


Your life is normal... and anything but normal!

Thanks for the smiles.

Oh, and now you have 2 lizards in residence?


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Ah, no... just the new one.

I forgot to report that the other one eventually escaped.

Which is why I insist the boys keep them OUTSIDE :0)


leah said...

Hehe- at least we don't have any lizards in residence yet. Boys sure do love scaly things!

I'm thinking about putting Matt in AWANA next year (our local group starts at age three), but I may wait a while, too. Three seems kind of young to me!