Friday, May 8, 2009

Northern Alligator Lizards - Remix

Oh, I'm a lucky mom.

The boys came home from Grandpa and Grandma's with more lizards. Now they each have their own. That is, if they'll coexist in the aquarium.


You can see two in this photo. Although one is in motion and blurry, you can see the color variation.

Then, while they were turning over the pavers to look for food for the lizards (bugs, centipedes, snails), they found an as-yet-un-photographed salamander. He looks a bit like this, and is probably an Ambystoma macrodactylum - a long-toed western salamander.

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Craig and Heather said...

looks like the date is messed up on your camera.

I remember growing up as one of 5 boys. The special grace God must give a mom to keep her from climbing the walls. It is neat to see that you don't just tolerate, but actually enjoy your sons. That's important.


The Squirrel said...

A fine group of budding herpetologists in the making, you've got there! Just make sure that they don't grow up to clone dinosaurs and try to create Dino-opolis for real! (We all know how badly that ended for John Hammond...)


Myself, I've always found mice and gerbils to be much more playful and fun to play with! Rodents Rock!


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Yeah, the date is wrong. Actually, that's Gunnar's camera, and I have no idea how it works! I'll have to ask Wyatt to turn the date off :0)

Craig - one of FIVE boys! Your mother had an interesting life!

I tell people that God knew I couldn't cope with Barbie and all her tiny little plastic pink accessories :0) Honestly, I think God knew I would be a better "boy mom" than "girl mom".

And, Mr. Squirrel, I like rodents just fine - we've had a few, but I got tired of cleaning the cages. Now that the boys are older, maybe we'll revisit that. Of course, we have an abundance of squirrels around all the time, but we don't try to catch them ;0)


The Squirrel said...

Squirrels can be tamed, if raised from pups, but they'll never be truly domesticated. Better to enjoy them as they roam free about your yard. You can, however, build obstacle courses for them!


Craig and Heather said...

Yes, mom had her share of adventures. Finished it off with 2 girls, too.

I caught a chipmunk once and kept him for a summer, but he wasn't happy. I finally let him go. I understand about cages.

My younger brother raised hamsters once, and a litter got lose one night. Mom woke up with one looking her in the face. WE ALL WOKE UP THEN!! The hamsters left that day. . .


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Wow, Craig, you had a very lively household!

I like hamsters, but I'd probably shriek if I woke up to one staring me in the face :0)