Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wyatt the Bird Whiz

Have I mentioned Wyatt's interest in birds? I think so...

At his birthday last summer he received some great bird books. His favorites are a book of birds of the PNW, from Grandpa Burke and Granny Mary, and a book that not only shows pictures but also plays recorded bird calls, I think from Uncle Dave. He confidently names all kinds of birds. Maybe over-confidently? But then he'll show me a picture and I'll have to admit that he's right.

He had his eye on this pair, visiting Aunt Tami's hummingbird feeder, but we didn't recognize them and they were pretty skittish. She was able to get a picture through the window and emailed it to me.

Wyatt identified them in about 30 seconds.

Northern Orioles

Aren't they pretty? Wyatt says that the one on the right is a male, and the one on the left is a female. So with any luck maybe Tami will be seeing more of them :0)


julieunplugged said...

Came here via Colleen and wow! That photo is arresting. Such a great capture.

tammy said...

We love birds in our house too. My husband put a bird feeder right on our kitchen window, for Aiden to watch the birds as he eats (and for our cats to go crazy!) Now that we've moved up north I love seeing all the Robins, Cardinals, and Bluejays ... we rarely saw these in Texas. The picture is beautiful!

Deborah said...

We had them visit for about a week, but they have since moved on. They're so beautiful!!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Kudos to my sister for the photo. The birds were easily spooked and she took it through the window and (probably) from across the room.

And nice to meet you, Julie ;0)

Ruby said...

Yes, that is a really spectacular photo! The book with bird calls is a great idea. It's late afternoon here and if I close my eyes and listen I can hear about 3 different calls, all locals, nothing unusual but I'm not good with id. No magpies unfortuntely, I love them.