Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Gift for Me

Oh, the organizing part of my brain is happy tonight! And, why, you might ask? Because it's May, and that's when my favorite calendar comes out.

Yes, in May. (Kerry thought I was nuts, too.) May, because it's based on the school year, which makes a whole lot more sense for how we live.

Isn't it pretty? All shiny and new? And blue!

And all those wonderful blank pages, awaiting my plans.

You can have one too, in lots of colors :0)


Colleen said...

Great minds think alike! I like this calendar, too, and used it a couple of years ago. I've since switched to another. It isn't August to August, but the page layout works better for me since I prefer less detail. But I'm planning on giving one of these to Jan next month for his birthday. (He'll get something else too...I'm not expecting him to revel solely in receiving a calendar/organizer for his 14th birthday, LOL.) A nudge toward greater responsibility and so on.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

That is a great idea, Colleen. Especially with him being a HIGH SCHOOLER now!

Sounds like something I should keep in mind for Wyatt eventually...

Ruby said...

Being in Australia, we have our long Summer holidays (vacation) in Dec/Jan so August to August doesn,t suit our school year. Looks great though. Nothing better than a clean slate to dream about the new school year. Especially with a few months off in between!

Herding Grasshoppers said...


I spent a year in Perth, on an exchange program.

It seemed odd to me, to be having Christmas in the summer, but the school year being aligned with the calendar year somehow felt right :0)

I love finding these school-year Daytimers. Especially with homeschooling, but even when my kids were in public school (government school) our lives were much more oriented to a Sept-Aug year.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE August to August day planners! I've been using them for three years now! :)