Saturday, May 16, 2009

One Tired Mama

We had a busy day today, starting with a run to the grocery store at 8am. Which isn't so bad... it's pretty quiet there, early on Saturday mornings.

I don't have pictures yet because I'm just flat out too tired to load them. Wyatt and Tate competed in the Junior Ski to Sea Race today. This is the kid-version of the Big Daddy next weekend.

A look at today in numbers goes something like this:

1 -- Race, Junior Ski to Sea

5 -- Legs: running, three-legged, mountain biking, soccer dribbling, and obstacle course

6 -- the number of team members, see above

.4 miles -- the distance Wyatt and Tate ran with their legs tied together, a lot further than it seems like, and they didn't fall once :0)

8 bazillion -- the apparent number of spectators, to this crowd-averse mom

13 -- the if-we-counted-right over-all standing of our team (not bad!)

4 -- the number of adults at my house for the post-race party/picnic/BBQ

11 -- the number of boys at my house for the post-race party/picnic/BBQ

It was all good.

And I'm tired. Very tired.


leah said...

ELEVEN boys. Wow- I can't imagine the energy quotient there! I'm sure your boys were ecstatic to have all the other kids over, though!

Deborah said...

Their practicing paid off then. I hope your day today is more relaxing.

The Squirrel said...

Busy day, but sounds like fun!

(& Mrs. Squirrel doesn't really care for crowds, either.)