Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Morning Testosterzone

Why are boys compelled to do these things? Why would any of my sons...

* Whack his brother over the head with his Bible? (We're not one of those "slain in the Spirit" families...)

* Wail and shriek and scream bloody murder while I remove the sliver (about which he's in a panic) until my last nerve is about to snap. Then, as I finally, gently slide the sliver out, snap back to normal and say, in a perfectly calm and reasonable voice, "Oh - did you get it out?"

* Wait to decide he needs to poo until the moment we're walking out the door?

* Walk the 10 feet from the back door to the van wearing big, muddy, dirty boots and carrying his church shoes in his hands? ("Don't worry Mom, I'll change in the van.")

* When told to use deodorant, apply it to his armpits and then to his hands, and then rub those hands on Gunnar's cheeks? (Well, I thought he smelled like aftershave. Not bad, but a little odd for a seven year old.)

Why, why, why?????

1 comment:

leah said...

I seriously doubt mothers of little girls ever have to deal with this level of *ahem* activity! LOL. Perhaps the boys were just doing a reenactment of Cain vs. Abel, using the Bible as the jawbone?? Boys keep you on your toes, lol!