Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hula Girl... Reprise

Seems like I'm tying up some loose bloggy ends this week...  remember this?

I'm taking a chance, here, that the mail is moving quickly enough that I can post these.

See, I have this good friend who has been on my mind lately.  She's Tate's "Hearry Maid Fairy" and s wonderful friend.  Bubbly, witty, fun.  And, sadly, living two states away.

This is for her :D

Just because the funky fabric made me think of her.
And also because I can imagine her wrapping a little girl in it.
I hope.
But mostly it is for her.

I probably am putting up too many pics that are about the same.
I couldn't get the colors to look right.
The colors really make me think of those cheap plastic Easter eggs,
though the quilt has nothing to do with Easter.
And the turquoise should look much deeper.

The back is a retro, starry green, and the quilting is all done in stars.

This was definitely a labor of love.
No pattern, just out of my head.


The dB family said...

It is gorgeous!! By the way, the colours look amazing on my laptop, so it may just be how your monitor makes it look. Your friend will be in turn blessed by you! What a wonderful gift!


Felicity said...

I think it looks absolutely smashing!! I think she's going to be so happy!

leah said...

It is adorable! I seriously love the hula girl fabric- it is awesome! You did a great job on that one!

Q said...

Great Job!!!