Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday Morning

*  Hallelujah, we have sunshine :D  It was especially welcome today, as we had to be out to the soccer fields around 7:30am.  Three games down, and one to go.  Gunnar's and Tate's teams won, but Wyatt's lost, with one of his players being taken away by ambulance after being kneed in the back by the opposing team.  Kind of put a damper on the morning.

Yesterday went great.  All the boys got along fine - as expected - and our friends did fine with counting their carbs and managing their insulin.  And I tried to keep a close eye on things without being (or making anyone else) neurotic about it.

*  In fact, the most dramatic thing about the day was a thunderstorm in the afternoon that we all had fun watching.  We're not prone to dangerous storms here, so we tend to enjoy the lightning.  And everything here is so wet and green and wet and lush and wet that there's not much danger of forest fire this time of year.

*  Kerry - thank you! - took my package to the post office for me.  I'm restraining myself (just a little bit longer) from showing you photos of a project that I'm just a little bit proud of, until it gets to my friend.

*  And - oh happy day - I have laundry on the line again.  Oooo, maybe I should do the sheets, too.  Just to get that wonderful fresh air smell :D


leah said...

Hooray for sunshine! And happy soccer games (except for Wyatt's- I hope his team-mate is OK)!

We're getting TWO INCHES of snow tonight. Just in time for Mother's Day! But I'm not bitter about it or anything (g).

Can't wait to see the photos of your newest project!

Abi's Blog said...

I love that fresh sheet smell. I need to put up another clothesline. :) Happy Mother's Day!