Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thinking About Summer...

I know I mentioned spring in a recent post, but a snake was involved so let's forget about that, shall we?

Ah, summer.  Warm sunny weather and lots of free time, right?  That's what my boys are looking forward to.  And, of course, with all those wonderful unstructured hours to fill, everyone will get along just swell, right? 


Well, if your kids are like mine, they wouldn't dare say they're bored (because I have lots of extra chores that need doing), but they will get antsy and sometimes just a wee little bit testy.  Of course, most of the time I'd rather go to the lake, or work/play in the yard, or stay home and do science experiments, (hey, it's summer, you don't have to write them up!), but when you want to get out of the house, here are a couple of freebies, from me to you.

* Movies *
Regal Cinemas offers a free Family Film Festival every summer.  I'm not much of a movie buff.  Too picky.  Even for free, I wouldn't drive across town to see the Rugrats.  But we might be enticed by Tale of Despereaux, or Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, or even Charlotte's Web.  Especially on a hot day when the AC is appealing :D  You can look up your state and find the schedule by clicking HERE.  Expect lots of little kids (and YMCA Daycare/Daycamps) to be taking advantage of this, making viewing conditions less than ideal.  But hey, free is free.

* Bowling *
I haven't tried this myself, but our friends just tipped us off to this one.  Click HERE to find out about
free bowling in your area.  You have to register with the program, select a bowling alley, and you'll receive email coupons for 2 free games per day, per kid.  Adults can buy a reasonably priced pass to join in, but it doesn't appear to be required.

There ya go.  You're welcome.

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