Monday, May 24, 2010

Simple Woman #62

For Today...  May 24, 2010

Outside my window... cool, cloudy skies.  Lows in the 40's this week.  Spring?

I am thinking... I got a LOT done this weekend.  Feels good :D

I am thankful for... my shiny, blue kitchen floor.

I am praying for... a couple of architecture jobs that may come Kerry's way.  (When I say "job", I don't mean getting hired by a firm.  I mean, getting a job from a client to design something.)

I am wearing... turquoise capris, blue t-shirt, navy cardigan.  The capris were wishful thinking.  I could see a bit of clear sky when I got up.  I'll probably end up changing.

I am creating...  clean spaces in my house, clean laundry, and an organized office.

I am going...  to have Moms In Touch here today.

I am reading...  All Creatures Great and Small, aloud to the boys.  I'd forgotten how much there was to do with birthing in that book!  All animal-related, but still a bit of an education for the boys...

I am hoping... for an uneventful week!

I am hearing... the boys hammering on something.  I think they're making some kind of enormous skateboard.

I am remembering...

From the learning rooms... probability, direct and indirect objects, collages, the Alamo (!), statistics, measuring, more about acids and bases, the Mexican-American War, tints and hues, and logic puzzles.

Around the house... I'm hoping to take a room a week and do a deep cleaning.  Just did the kitchen.  What's next...

On my mind...  as summer is coming, finding the balance between just turning the boys loose and letting them play, and providing enough structure to their day to keep them from bickering.

Pondering these words...  Men and melons are hard to know.  Benjamin Franklin

One of my favorite things...  mmmm, the turkey taquitos we had for Saturday dinner.  Adapted from this recipe.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  no soccer!  Okay, we have one more soccer party.  No AWANA, either.  I'm liking the slower pace.

Here is a picture I am sharing...

Someone has just a little bedhead going on there...


leah said...

Oh, James Herriot. I STILL can't read his books without crying (some of the stories are so bittersweet)! We have the picture-book versions of Moses the Kitten and the Christmas Kitten, and Matt likes those.

Is "All Creatures Great and Small" the one with the artificial impregnation of cows in it? I remember reading that and thought, "better save that one until the boys are much older," lol!

melanie said...

Mmm, gonna have to check out the recipe. Salsa food always sounds good =)

You have beautiful boys! (they're still boys, so I can say that, right?) Fun to have them all looking good in the same picture -- bedhead and all -- that keeps it very candid and real!

Room by room cleaning/decluttering/packing is what I need to be doing for the next several weeks (er, wish I'd been doing for the past several months?!) I printed the spring cleaning e-book from Christian HomeKeeper Network this morning to motivate/guide me... we'll see if it helps. Right now, I need to go back to the flooring store with my cabinetry sample and choose something that 'goes' with it better.

...ttyl... ;-)

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh Melanie, fun! The picking out new things, not so much the cleaning. *sigh*

Leah... I think the AI comes in a later book. But this one has plenty of castration, birthing, "cleansing", etc. I really don't feel like explaining a pessary, thank-you-very-much. "Medicine" is close enough for this read-through!

Ann said...

Can I trade my highs in the 90's with 87% humidity for your lows in the 40's? I'll even give up my capris! :-) I think maybe I need to move your way! (Yes, I'm sure I'd be ready for summer, too, if it were still that chilly here! I might even like summer then!)

Felicity said...

That's such a nice photo! I love James Herriot's stories! In his book of dog stories there's a story about a dog named Amber - we named our first dog after that story - I still can't retell the story without crying! Enjoy!
We're still having very warm weather here - I prefer either winter or summer, not an inbetween...

Ruby said...

You loosing your memory too?!

That is a great photo of the boys. Have a good week and I hope the jobs come off for your husband.

The dB family said...

I LOVED James Herriot's books while growing up (still do). He writes with such description and humour, I almost felt I was there beside him. I wanted to be a veterinarian for many many years.

Such handsome lads you have, bedhead and all :o)!


Choate Family said...

I love the joy and mischief that sparkles in their eyes - encouraged by their very patient mama, I think!

Your 40's sound great! We've been keeping a weather chart this week, and it hasn't gotten below 79 degrees yet. So, enjoy :-)