Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stage Whisper

 Do your kids know how to whisper?
Because I'm not sure mine do.
Maybe it's a guy thing, because Kerry doesn't whisper either.

I'm remembering a day, don't ask me why, when Gunnar and I went to the grocery store.
He was just a little guy, probably about this old:

As we got in line at the checkstand, there was a young man in front of us, fully punked out.
Kind of like this.

I looked at Gunnar and he looked at me, with big, big surprised eyes.

And then, in a very loud whisper,

Mom!  That guy looks...
like a porcupine!

Fortunately for us, he was not a hostile porcupine.


melanie said...

he he he, funny story :-)

btw, our little Popper is standing in a field of soybeans in my header photo... Tim wanted a pic of her with them up to her chin, but we didn't get it done in time. It's Iowa's other crop besides the corn, corn, corn...

Oh, and we are doing NEW construction :o Crazy, we are crazy. But I think you might have chosen my school room color... if I can find a beautiful yellow :-)

TRS said...

could be worse. I'm not quiet either... and when I was about that age... living in rural Nebraska, where the only people I ever saw who were not white were on TV... and therefore 'not necessarily real'... on a hot summer day, enjoying an ice cream treat in the parking lot of the drug store. I watched as a very black man approached the entrance of the store and said with amazement, "Mom! Look! A chocolate guy!"

leah said...

Aw, look at Gunnar's little face! Such a cutie. Thank goodness your punker-pine was friendly, lol!

I'm pretty sure the whisper gene is on the X chromosome, and is a double recessive!

Organizing Mommy said...

He's right. Don't make the kid whisper when he speaks the oracles of truth.

LOL. What a cutie.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh my... Gunnar heard me laughing as I read the comments and so I showed him the post and asked if he remembered that day, or just remembers me talking about it.

"Oh yeah, Mom! I remember that guy in the green shirt! With the porcupine hair!"


The dB family said...

Lol! Maybe it is a guy thing because my guys don't do too well at whispering either.