Friday, June 25, 2010

Blitzing... It's Not a Reindeer

The boys (including Kerry) were all invited to a campout, to celebrate a friend's 5th birthday.

Hurray!  Fun for them!

And, hurray!  A quiet house for me!

And double-plus-good, it's leverage for getting more done.  Not that the boys aren't willing to help,
but a little extra motivation is always nice :D

So, before we loaded up the tents and sleeping bags, we did some long-awaited Blitzing,
inspired by my friend Jena.

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As usual, the room that descends into chaos the most quickly is the so-called family room.  Which the boys have appropriated as a play room.  Because their enormous bedroom just isn't enough.  Fine.

But opening the door to see this drives me absolutely nuts.
Yes, I know, it's a short drive.
Clutter everywhere, and a pile of books to the right of the TV.

Turning left, to the closet, I found this.
A K'nex explosion, Legos, (eek! you're mixing dynasties!), pillows,
papers on the floor and apparently falling out of the closet,
dry-erase boards, garbage, nerf darts, a towel,
and much, much, more!

And the poor, old lumpy futon looks down-right depressing.
I think, as furniture goes, it's at least middle-aged, and losing the fight against gravity.
I thought about putting it on Craigslist earlier this year, but got rid of some ugly chairs, instead.

While the rest of the floor-space looked like this - more books, more papers.
Hot Wheels, toys, videos and DVDs, etc.
making it difficult to access the bookshelves or the extra bathroom.

But... four people working for 1/2 an hour, makes 2 hours of work!
And, wah-wah!

Now, I see a tidier view from my kitchen vantage point.
And when I go in, and turn to the closet... I can get in there to find things!
K'nex are in their tub.
Legos are in their tubs. (Cannot be contained in just one!)
Books are shelved.

And the futon...
...well, the futon is still sad and saggy, but better dragged upright,
and accessorized with pillows instead of toys.

And the overall effect is peaceful,
rather than anxiety-inducing.

So, now that it's clean, they'll be more likely to
keep it tidy...


leah said...

It is amazing how much more peaceful a clean room is... sometimes I get very stressed out, and I realize the house is just as disorganized as I am! When the house is in order, everything just seems more restful.

Beautiful job on the room, though I doubt it will stay that way for long (swimming through a family room filled with Duplos at the moment)...

melanie said...

Looks great! ~ Hope you're enjoying your "quiet time" =)

Looking fwd to "a place for everything..." but it might be "somewhere over the rainbow..."

Always makes me think of a little song I heard once on Elisabeth Elliot's program many years ago. One of her listeners wrote in with new words for "3 Blind Mice" ...
Too much stuff, too much stuff, More than Enough, more than enough! da da duh duh duh.. (I don't remember the rest of her words ~ something about things falling out of a closet when she opened the door. You get the picture)

=) G'night ~ It's late here!

Ruby said...

Hey, that looks great. A very friendly looking room too. Believe me, I have seen much worse. How did you put in your quiet time?
(Saggy, lumpy and middle aged?Yeah, so? )

Donna said...

Bravo! It looks mahvelous!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

The house is quiet... for a few more moments anyway! I bet they'll be home by 10.

I usually have a list of things to accomplish when I have time like this, but decided to relax and read instead :D

I'm so with you ladies about feeling like there's just too much stuff. And - for me, anyway - the order (or lack of it) in my environment really affects my state of mind. Clutter = stress.

So as soon as I finish my sewing projects, the office is next.

Organizing Mommy said...

Oh.. you make me feel guilty.. hosting my meme for me.. you want the linky? Seriously, great job. I have been so sick! It's almost been 2 weeks and my throat still hurts. OUT of control. I have been blitzing, except then I need to take a nap. Miss coming here and hassling you.

The dB family said...

I can't wait to finally participate in a Blitz-It Friday. Just waiting for a floor to be put in and I might actually have a room to put all our junk -- ahem -- stuff. Looks great! We have a very sad looking couch too. I like to say that it's just well loved.