Saturday, June 26, 2010


Since I'm all set up for sewing, and my Christmas quilt is off being quilted, I though I'd make one more.

Long ago, after my friend Ginny talked me into taking a quilting class with her (thank you, Ginny!) we ordered and split a pack of vintage fat quarters.  I think there were 80 fq's in the set - 2 each of 40 fabrics.  Seriously.  I had no idea how much fabric that actually is!

Being slightly neurotic picky about the way colors mix, I divided my fq's into a set of 20 pastels, and 20 brights.  Not primary colors, but brighter than the pastels.  I've made two baby quilts out of the pastels - here and here.  But the 20 brights have been sitting in my cabinet, waiting for the right idea.

Something appropriately vintage.  But not too fussy, because the prints are busy.

Then I saw this tumbler quilt, and knew it was a project I could manage.

Actually, the top went together fairly quickly.  It's the biggest quilt I've made, at 72 x 78... before quilting.

And here it is, waiting, on the school room floor.  Because basting it is my least favorite part of quilting.

Yes, it would've been better if it were a really random pattern.  But really, truly random doesn't usually work out like it ought to.  Or maybe that's just me.

But it's going to sit there overnight, while the batting "relaxes".  That's what I tell myself.

Because, meanwhile, the bathrooms have been sorely neglected.

And you know I hate bending over and putting in all those pins if cleaning toilets sounds better!

And besides, I need to decide on a binding.  I'm thinking it would be nice to use a blue, like the brightest blue block.  Thoughts?


Donna said...

Wow, all your quilts are beautiful. They really are works of art!

Cutzi said...

I love it so much Julie!!!

I think green edges. Kind of a grass green.

I just love it!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oooo, green might be just right :D

I'll have to see what's in my cupboard... (trying not to buy any more fabric for awhile.)

Organizing Mommy said...

So nice that you are quilting. It's very therapuetic and useful, that's why I don't do it. Just kidding. The quilt is awesome. What are you doing with the one I like?

Kristen@nosmallthing said...

I love it. I don't care what color you use, although green seems to be a favorite of mine lately. But whatever color you use, I love it.

You are so talented.

These Are Days said...

Just sending you the link to my German blog

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I'm looking for the "right" green.

But I have a blue that will work as a fall-back.

Because I know you're all just waiting on the edge of your chairs.

(eyes roll)

melanie said...

I *was* on the edge of my chair... before I yielded the computer to my hubby last night ;-)

And I was going to say, BLUE! thinking of your favorite kitchen floor. But green is good, too. I suppose. ;-)

2001. When my mom bought us a PILE of repro-30's fabrics for queen-size scrap quilts (pinwheel) as we took the local adult ed class together. I found the instructions today as I was cleaning out a cupboard. ahem. The quilt is cut (and has lived in a diff cupboard for 8+ years). And that's as far as I got with THAT project (after the class was over, as I recall) And then my hubby said, "That's a Grandma Project; you'll finish that when you are a grandma." And we proceeded to be blessed with Baby #6 of our own...

So anyway, your beautiful quilts remind of that "fun" project awaiting me... someday. Oldest is 17 this fall, so I should have 5-10 years before grandparent -hood...

Maranatha! =)

Cutzi said...

I just came back here and, after looking at it again (and while I still think green), I just had a thought that a thin pop of red (with a pinkish undertone) might be awfully cute around the edge.

The dB family said...

It is gorgeous!! I can't believe how quickly you put your quilts together. Does it become a kind of all consuming passion? I have no advice for colour :oS. It'll still be gorgeous no matter what you choose.