Thursday, September 1, 2011

Homeschool Bennies #1

I feel like Santa - making a list and checking it twice, getting ready to dish out what I hope is a daily dose of encouragement and inspiration for my fellow homeschooling moms, who probably need it more than our friends with kids in the public and private schools.

As I started gathering ideas I couldn't just throw them all in a mental pile.  Oh, no.  They had to be organized.  And whaddaya know, they seem to fall pretty naturally into four categories:

1.  The advantage of religion / philosophical convictions.
2.  The advantage of academics.
3.  The advantage of family togetherness.
4.  The advantage of (gasp!) socialization.

Who knows, I may add another category if I feel like it :D

I didn't have to look very far for my first entry.  As I fired up my computer this morning and scanned the local news, guess what was right at the top?

Teacher strike.  Yep.

Homeschool Benefit #1

We are free.

And you can put that in all four categories, if you ask me.

We are unaffected by state and local budgets.  Unrestricted by the whims of politicians and unions.  Unconstrained by calendars and deadlines.  We start our school year when we want, and end when we want.

Hallelujah, and amen.


melanie said...

Awesome idea & great start to The List :D

(I think I might be 'ready' for June 2011?)

Felicity said...

Hallelujah and Amen again!! That has to be one of my favourite advantages of homeschooling! Being FREEEEE!!!

Q said...

Preach it sister!

leah said...

The freedom of the scheduling has to be a HUGE benefit. There is no need to take a family vacation at the same time of year as the public school system vacations, and you can bend the schedule to fit the needs. Doctor appointment or a sick kiddo? No problem. They never miss a day of school. You just do the work when they're all better!

(I would love to homeschool, but my spouse wouldn't agree - so the boys go to public school).

Rebecca D said...

I miss the freedom... I miss homeschooling tons but feel blessed to be able to do it for 12 years. Happy "back to school" my dear bloggy friend... If I were near you I'd drop by with a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils!

Cutzi said...

Hallelujah and AMEN!!