Thursday, September 22, 2011

Homeschool Bennies #15

We have more control over outside influences on our kids - people, situations, information, media, etc.

Once again, I'm not suggesting that we should attempt to totally isolate ourselves from all the Evil Out There.  As if that were even possible.  As our Pastor recently commented, that's been tried a lot of times, never successfully.  Because guess what?  Sin is a genetic condition, and we all have it.  However...

I choose to exercise some control over what my children learn and when.  Over how much exposure my kids get to Big Issues and from what worldview.  (See #10.)  Some would call that sheltering, to which I again reply, "Yep.  That's my job."

My husband and I get to decide when and what our kids are taught about all kinds of things.  Sex.  Weapons.  STDs.  Violence.  Homosexuality.  "Tolerance."  Religion.  Politics.  All kinds of things.

I happen to think that my kids don't need AIDS Awareness beginning in Kindergarten.
I happen to think that they do not need "Lock Down Drills" that instill fear of deranged shooters and bombers coming to attack children.
I happen to think they don't need to be expected to defend themselves from play-ground bullies as little children.
I happen to think there is no benefit to them being bombarded by pop culture all day long.

We're not living in a bubble.  We're also not swimming in the sewer.


Anonymous said...

"Lock Down Drills"? YIKES! Didn't know this was going on. (But, don't pay attention to the government institutions either.)

Here's another bennie to counter your #15.

Your children can learn things like tactical plans for home security.

When mom is away and a bad guy breaks into the house, every child knows what to do, complete with who gets the cel phone to manage 911, who hides where, who has the firearms, and who is reloading.

What a gift that my children don't live in fear!

leah said...

We are pretty fortunate that we live in a nice, rural community where the public schools aren't quite as "bad" as in other areas. We still have Easter parties and Christmas parties (shhhh - don't tell anyone, lol!) and kids still dress and act like kids. It is a MAJOR difference from the public schools I went to in California. Fortunately, we haven't had much exposure to pop culture - though Matt did start talking about a Pokemon thing (we don't let him watch that on TV) from a boy in Kindergarten.

The dB family said...

Hee hee! Love that last line! So very true. Sadly there are some bubble homeschoolers. I see them in the community I live in -- well, only through the windows of course ;o). That is scary too.