Thursday, September 8, 2011

Homeschool Bennies #5

The student-to-teacher ratio can't be beat.

This is a pretty homeschool-friendly area.  There are LOTS of us around the county.  I'd bet that most people who live here are at least acquainted with someone who homeschools, so we don't get a lot of flak, which is nice.  Still, I catch a bit of attitude once in awhile. 

I recently toured a local middle school (grades 6-8) that is reopening after a fire.  Just out of curiosity I started counting how many desks/seats were in each classroom.  Every classroom I looked into had at least 30.  And some had up to 40.  Can you imagine 40 eleven-year-olds in one classroom?

Lately, when people ask where my boys go to school I've been tempted to say,

School?  Oh no, we're having them privately tutored in every subject, primarily one-on-one but in groups of no larger than three.

Can you imagine the reactions you'd get?  I mean, that's what rich nobles do with their little barons and princesses, or whatever.  You'd be the envy of everyone!

But guess what, that's what you are doing.

And even better, nobody knows your students better than you.  You know when they're doing their best, or when they're just sliding by.  You know when they've tried and when they haven't.  You can see the spark of interest in their eyes.

And you care.


Felicity said...

Most people who react negatively when they hear we homeschool don't seem to understand that MOST homeschooling parents really care about their children.

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Julie ! Great post and oh so true! I really admire all you homeschoolers who take your work so seriously and your children sure benefit greatly! You are truly giving of yourselves in a HUGE way. Seeing our children grow in all ---including our relationship with the Lord is wonderful! Keep up the good work. Praying for you all. mis jane

The dB family said...

You bet ya!! I can't believe there are class sizes that big there. I think here they cap it at well, less than thirty that's for sure, although I wouldn't know because mine haven't been in the public school for seven years now...