Friday, September 16, 2011

Homeschool Bennies #11

Better results in less time.

This is so well documented that it's hardly necessary to comment on it... but I will :D

Homeschoolers consistently outperform their public and private school peers across the board academically.  In every subject area.  Regardless of their parents' "qualifications".  It's true.
See HERE, and HERE, and especially HERE.



Doug Hibbard said...

My mom said something the other day about not knowing when Ann had time to homeschool. I had to remind her that it takes less time to homeschool than it takes to have a classroom full of kids. Even the teachers that give their kids 5 minutes of undivided attention need about 8 times the amount of time it takes around here.

leah said...

It takes a LOT less time to homeschool - Matt's class spends a lot of time transitioning (with 18 kids in the class, you can imagine the time spent getting them to change activities, sit down, and settle into the new activity). And then with a classroom, you have 18 different reading levels, 18 different math levels (because while some kids work on the same level, each kid still has his or her own difficulties, gifts, or method of learning).

The individualization and efficiency is much higher when homeschooling.

While I don't homeschool, we do a lot of "extracurricular" activities at home and Matt can get the concept to something in about 10 minutes at home - and his class will spend a month drilling the same topic.

The dB family said...

I saw that in putting mine back in school. They were all ahead of their peers -- except Squirt in reading, but she's gaining fast now!