Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Homeschool Bennies #8

Your child will be surrounded by people who love him, encourage him, and want the best for him.

By and large the boys had a pretty good public school experience, as did I, excluding the middle school years (grades 6-8).  I made some good friends and had some delightful, engaging and inspiring teachers.  I also remember some that were harsh, cynical and bitter.  And some of the kids?  Vicious, violent, and toxic.  Amazing how much they affected the 'feel' of the school environment even when they were a small minority.

But my kids?  They spend the vast majority of their time with their parents, brothers, grandparents, as well as folks at the chapel, and friends and neighbors.  The people they spend the most time with love them and are invested in their lives.  We care about them in ways even a great school teacher never would.  Because they're ours

Love it.


Felicity said...

Love it too!!

melanie said...

Oh yes! Love, love this one!

Kat said...

As Thomas got home from mainstream preschool today, I knew immediately that he was exhausted. I remember something that you wrote not long ago about how tired your boys were when they came home following a hard day of listening...makes me consider homeschooling our son...I'm not a teacher by training but, something that I'm looking into lately. Thanks for all the "bennies" posts!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I'm glad you all are enjoying these :D

Hi Kat, and welcome :D Whether or not you homeschool (and you can, you really can, if you want to), you might talk with Thomas' preschool about "listening breaks". That may be a sort of natural part of preschool anyway, but the kids need down-time where they're not working/listening. It's hard work!

TRS said...

Hi Grasshopper mom!
De-lurking to ask a question... as I know you do some quilting. I'm planning on my first quilt... a very special one, and I need some advice. Sorry, I couldn't find an email to ask privately.

As you might know, my dad died suddenly last month... and I collected some of his work clothes and jeans and plan to make a quilt from them. My goal is a quilt for my nephew... (for Christmas) and hopefully some left over to make one for me.

So, since I've never made a quilt before... I think I should keep it really simple. But then, I want it to be really special... so maybe I should try a more intricate pattern.
I do want to have some pieces (larger squares) that keep the jeans pockets, shirt pockets, shirt yoke etc.

Any ideas? Suggestions. Warnings?

The dB family said...

Amen!! Love it!!


TRS said...


Thanks for your quilting advise.
Good point on the denim vs. worn plaid (flannel and pima - the man wasn't much for style!!)
I had considered that... thinking of interfacing or a cotton backing.

will look up clothing quilts... I'm envisioning making the shirt squares out of smaller four squares. (I don't know the lingo)... but I should get started!!!

Thanks again, and for your sympathy so beautifully expressed!