Thursday, May 15, 2014

Brain Dump. Deep Thoughts... or Not

1.  I believe I mentioned...

... yes, obviously I did.

I think I am spending a little too much time enjoying my Mother's Day/anniversary/birthday gift.  And the boys are spending a little (or a lot) too much time enjoying the computer they bought.

They explain it this way:

New Toy Privileges

Is that a thing at your house?  When you get something new, you get more time with it than you might later.  And you don't have to share it.  Much.

Maybe that sounds bad, but the boys share pretty much everything.  Except underwear and toothbrushes.  (Because that would be gross.)  So not sharing something new is fine by me.  And they usually share anyway.

But me?  I'm not sure I'm sharing my computer.  (Since they have their own brand spankin' new one.)

2.  They have discovered the Akinator.  Think of a character and he will find it.  He even figured out 

... remember Rosie?  The Jetson's maid?  Awesome.

But we stumped him with Jimmy Doolittle.  (The Doolittle Raid, WWII.)

3.  We are going on vacation to the Oregon Coast this summer, and I want to do this:

And by that I mean, "I want the boys to do this."  They'll need something to do, right?

4.  Can you find me?

And who on earth took this picture?  Professional studio?  Good grief - nearly half the photo is flooring.

And, yes, the teacher in front (in pink) is in fact wearing a strapless tube-top type thing.  To school.  Okay, yes, it's an ALL GIRLS school, but really?  (Victoria Park Ladies College, aka Saint Joachim's High School, now Ursula Frayne Catholic College.  Which is a high school.)

5.  Wyatt and Tate are both at work.  At the Speedway, as in Motocross.  It's so quiet and still this afternoon that I can hear it from the house.  Yah.  And no, we aren't really a motocross family, but it's a sweet little job working the gate for just a few hours a week.  And honestly, I was just a little nervous sending Tate off to work, just a week after his surgery.  (Which I don't mean to keep mentioning, but it's on my mind.)  The thing is, after the first surgery he bounced back really fast - like this time.  But every once in awhile (like 4 or 5 times over the next year) he would feel nauseous - like he had motion sickness.  He would lie down for awhile, and in 20 minutes or so he would be fine.  And so I kind of wonder if that will "hit" again, and when.  Because it wasn't really a big deal, except that Tate is kind of (okay, REALLY) stubborn.  And I worry that if he felt dizzy on the job, he'd be too embarrassed to tell someone.  And they would totally understand if he needed to sit down or lie down.  They're good people.

6.  And then I tell myself to QUIT WORRYING already.  But I still do.

7.  Gunnar wants to go to Encampment this summer.  And oh boy, that's something I'm working really hard not to worry about.  Because, you know, he's the youngest and he's not as much of a go-getter as his brothers.  How will he handle being awakened at 5:30 for morning PT, being yelled at constantly for two or three days (until all the drill sergeants lose their voices - ha ha), because no matter what you do you can't do it right, the heat is insane (for us northerners), everywhere you go you RUN, and the whole no privacy thing.  Stronger boys have cracked, and called their parents begging to be picked up.  I'm really hoping Tate gets some kind of job down there where Gunnar will see him once in awhile.  They deliberately separate siblings, but if he can even just SEE him.  *sigh*

8.  Hurray for leftovers.  Thank you, Grandma Grasshopper, we are  having Taco Salad tonight with the leftover taco meat from Mother's Day baked potatoes.

What are you having for dinner?


melanie said...

Rosie?? oh wow, the memories!

I'd have to guess you are in the back row of the school photo :-)

Worry/not worry = the mom tension. Your young men are awesome go-getters! But it's crazy how our 'babies' insist on growing up so fast...

Joyful Reader said...

You had to ask! :) I don't know! One day at a time but this is getting rediculous. I put it off until I have to defrost in the microwave. Do we really need to eat every single nigh? :)

RogersUIO said...

Friday is pizza and movie night! Most of the time, it's homemade crust with your choice of toppings. Tonight's options are ham, salami, pineapple, and corn. Not terribly exciting, but three of the four of us will be pleased.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Melanie - I'm the back row on the left (as you look). :D

Monica - the microwave is my friend, too!

Nikki - we LOVE pizza, but I can't say I've ever tried corn on it. Ham and pineapple is my fave :D

RogersUIO said...

You should try corn on your pizza! The "Quiteña" pizza at a local pizzeria has corn and bacon on it. I'm always a little surprised that I, an Iowa native, never tried it before moving to South America!