Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Well, I Didn't See That Coming

When someone rings the doorbell in the middle of the day, it's probably some kind of salesman, so I'm always wary.  But this guy was dressed too casually to be selling something.

It was one of those friend of a friend of a friend things.  They'd found a rabbit in their neighborhood and nobody had claimed it.  They already have several pets and the rabbit needed a home or it was going to the Humane Society.  The friend (of a friend, etc.) knew that we had recently lost a rabbit and were set up for two... so why not?  The boys are thrilled :D

And so Poe has come to stay.  I'm saying "he", though we haven't investigated closely.  The only catch is, Poe is quite a bit bigger than Polly.  Definitely not a Holland Lop!  and I don't know if he's full grown or going to get even bigger.  I think he'll do all right in Podger's cage... unless he keeps growing.  We'll see.

He seems gentle and appears healthy.  And look at his pretty fur - black with silver flecks!  Does anybody know what kind of rabbit he is?  The next pic is kind of blurry, but you can see his body shape.  And he can hold his ears up, so he's definitely not a lop.

He has a differently shaped head than Podger or Polly - longer and narrower.

Any ideas?

It's kind of funny.  When Podger died we talked about getting another rabbit.  I like the bunnies, and they're pretty low-maintenance pets, but... rabbits can live for several years, and as much as I love baby bunnies, the boys are growing up and going to be "launching" over the next few years.  So we were leaning toward no-new-bunny.

 But one landed on our doorstep.  And he needed a home.  And - I hope - he's already an adult.  Seems like it was meant to be.

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