Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mothers Day Happened

Mother's Day?  Or Mothers' Day?
(a grammatical dilemma)

And a whole lot of fun.
Even when it falls right after a brief hospital stay.

In fact, it was so much fun, I took no pictures.  These are from Kerry.

Not a single picture of the cute, tropical theme decorations - because I found some fun stuff at the Dollar Tree. You might wonder what does "tropical" have to do with "Mother's/Mothers' Day" and I'll tell you - nothing.  But I'm a mom and I thought they were kind of fun, so that was that.

The cousins came and brought a RC car that knocked the boys' socks off, it went so fast.  And that kept people occupied (and apparently laughing uproariously) while we got the food ready.

And friends?  If you're intimidated about hospitality and hosting groups?
Make it easy.


I baked a whole bunch of potatoes before church, and then left them in two crockpots on low.
They do turn kind of brownish in the crockpot, (you've been warned), but taste just fine. 

Everybody brought drinks, sides, toppings, and desserts,
and that was that.

Leaving plenty of time for relaxing with Grandma, who is tickling two boys' backs at once,
and for chasing that crazy RC car up and down the street.

And talking, and talking, and talking.

Because my family is really good at that.
(Sometimes too good...)

But I love that we're all interested and involved in each other's lives.
It's always strange to me to be with people who have to have activities planned.
Activities are fun.  Nothing wrong with that.
But it's sad when people don't know how to just BE together.

Home is my favorite place to be.

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Joyful Reader said...

Looks like my kind of day...slow and enjoyable. Yes, activities make me feel like I am on a wild roller coaster ride! Let's just take each moment as it comes!

Looks like you had a great day!