Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Praise and Promotions

I'm just warning you up front, that this is a proud mama post.  Not an in-your-face, my-kids-are-better-than-your-kids... no.  But hey, I'm proud of these guys!

This young man (pre-surgery photo) is applying to work at CAP's Summer Encampment, called Cascade Falcon.  I have a feeling a ton of cadets apply.  After enduring a week of Boot Camp on a military base (PT at oh-dark-thirty, working your tail off all day long, and being yelled at constantly) wouldn't you want to come back as staff, and be on the other side of it?!  Anyway, I know he has the skills and work ethic to do well, but no idea if he'll get picked.

The Cadre Selection weekend happened to fall immediately after his surgery, (meaning he couldn't attend) so he had to submit a distance application, with a video of him drilling other cadets.

That's not exactly his strong suit, and he'd much rather (and applied to) work in Logistics or D-Fac (dining facility), so we'll see what comes of it all.  His commander wrote him a great letter of recommendation without Tate even asking him.

At any rate, last week was a big week for the Grasshopper boys, as all three were recognized at Commander's Call.

Gunnar had just enough time to pass his drill test...

... given by his brother, but scored objectively...

... to promote to Cadet Airman First Class.  Go, Gunnar!

Tate also promoted - Kerry is pinning his new insignia on.  He's now Cadet Chief Master Sergeant, and the other cadets are supposed to address him as "Chief" instead of "Sergeant".  Very cool.  Well done, Tate!

Wyatt, while not earning a promotion this round, was recognized as the Cadet of the Quarter - quite an accomplishment!

The commander (in the white shirt) just instituted this award at the end of last year, based on a point-system (they earn points for all kinds of things, from attendance to proper uniform wear to promotions).  Love this, as it is OBJECTIVE, not a popularity contest.  I think the top two or three contenders go before a board, so there is a bit of wiggle room to recognize personal effort, circumstances, or what have you, but still... you know whoever gets this award, earned it.

So there's my bragging mom moment.  I'll try not to wear out my welcome ;D


sara said...

awww. I love when you brag on your kids.

Joyful Reader said...

You have every right to be a proud momma! I wish there was something like this in our area for our son. There is only Boy Scouts (which we have some issues with and the troops are run by women!). You have three very awesome young men! Great job Mom and Dad!

Q said...

WOW! I love that Wyatt was in the group that Tate was drilling for the film. (Wrong verbiage, I'm sure, please forgive) and that he administered that test to Gunnar. What a fabulous trio!