Thursday, October 23, 2008

Handsome, or what?!

Just a day in the life, people... just a day in the life...

We were invited to a fancy-schmancy lunch in Seattle, last Saturday - a wedding reception for my uncle. The boys decided that they WANTED to wear ties... I suppose it's a novelty, since we don't make them dress up to that extent for church.

We met their cousins, also decked out in their loveliest :0), and all five of them on their best behavior, at this adult affair. I'm really proud of them!

They mingled with a roomful of adult strangers, ate a nice lunch without getting any of it on their shirts or ties (or dresses), and played fairly quietly on the enclosed deck during a long stretch of speeches. There WAS a momentary "lapse of judgment" at one point, involving a large outdoor propane heater and some long ornamental grasses, which I won't go into, but Mike put a quick stop to THAT, and all went on peacefully.

Uncle Dave with Wyatt... who was intrigued with the "Open Bar" concept, and the possiblity of taking advantage of a seemingly unlimited supply of caffeinated beverages. But mean old mom put a limit on his intake :0)

Mr. Tate was also in fine form!

Gunnar is such a charmer. This picture really doesn't do him justice. My cousin and I were just cracking up, watching him so completely enjoy a bowl of ice cream, while taking great care not to get any on his shirt or tie. Way to go, my little gentleman!


Deborah said...

Whew! You have been one busy Mama!! Trips, practices, and parties, not to mention field trips dressed in your finest ;-)!

What a good looking family! I love all the pictures you took. It looks like you've been having fun despite all the busyness.

I'll continue to keep you in my prayers as tonsil day looms ever closer. Like you, I'd be taking the "it's like having a baby approach". I like to be prepared!

leahlefler said...

What a gorgeous group of children. They sure do clean up nice, don't they?