Friday, October 17, 2008

This is not a political blog...

I. Voted. Today.

For me, at least, "it is finished". While I greatly appreciate the right to vote (!!!), I am heartily sick of the whole election process. That said, my mom and I would like to suggest a plan. (Mom, I added a couple of items...)

* Each politician running for office gets a spending cap, that corresponds to the level of government they are trying to achieve (ie the presidential candidates get to spend more than the prospective mayor of Podunk-ville).

* The candidates get TWO MONTHS to run their campaigns. They can advertise, bicker, put up yard signs, and kiss babies to their hearts' content, in September and October ONLY.

* All phone calls on behalf of candidates will be clearly identified as such on Caller ID.

* There will be a (political) media blackout for the first few days of November, to let the people reflect, and sift what they have heard.

* Then we vote.

* Each party gets TWO DAYS to scurry around taking down all the signs and billboards. They get fined for any they miss. A LOT.


Denise Portis said...

Hasn't this been an ugly election year? Sigh! I really do believe and cherish the right to vote, but I have to admit I may have opted to skip the whole "mess" this year if my 18-year-old daughter weren't voting for the first time.

Before the *Then we vote?

*Lie detector tests

*A game of "This is Your Life", by surprise 'we knew him when' visitors who receive no compensation for their musings.

I'm not sure, but I think this one has been tougher than years past!

Julie said...

Oh Denise,

I love your suggestions. If I could work it, each candidate would get a "Pinocchio Nose", so it would be immediately visible to them and everyone else that they were lying!

And I love the surprise visitors, reminiscing about the candidates too!


Mel-Beth said...

I LOVE your comments. I think this would be a great idea!