Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More spiders...

Yes, the boys are STILL all about spiders. I thought we were done, but apparently, they didn't. Especially since Kerry saw one of those frighteningly huge (but probably harmless) Giant House Spiders on the wall of his office. He quickly called the official spider catcher: Tate.

After catching it, the boys decided they needed a crane fly, to feed to the spider. Now, there are two spiders in the jar, who are trying very hard to avoid each other, and the remains of the crane fly. Yuck.

Trouble is, the Giant House Spider (harmless) and the Hobo Spider (less common, but not so harmless) look very much alike to mere mortals, like me. Yikes.

BUT, here's the saving grace to this...

We are also reading about Japan, for our history, this week. So the boys have composed these Haiku. About spiders.

Huge hairy spider
He pounces, he bites, he eats
A gruesome display.

The boys all wrote that one together, with Wyatt contributing the last line. He then declared that line "copyrighted" and wrote another Haiku, on his own:

"Jumping Spider"
He stalks a crane fly
He lunges, then he lunches
A gruesome display.

Wyatt also wrote this one:

"Brown Spider"
It seems he's tired
He doesn't move very much
Except when he's scared.

And the boys, together, (mostly Tate) wrote:

Big furry spider
Lying in wait on the wall,
Now caught in my jar.


Deborah said...

The boys' poems are excellent! I loved writing Haiku poems at that age.

You asked about our Bible study. I don't know if I should blather here or on my blog, so I guess I'll blather here :-).

We meet every other Sunday evening at 6pm. The children will join us initially for prayer and a children's time. They will be learning the children's catechism. It is a great little book with the catechism Q&A's and a short story. ( I can give you more details on that when I see it again as it isn't mine. We are learning it at home though too and ours is the Studying God's Word series Book B by Christian Liberty Press). Once we have had that time with the children they are free to play quietly while we adults meet. We will be studying Philippians. We try to be finished by 8pm so all the chilies can get to bed in decent time, but that likely won't always happen. It's a new group for our family. The old one fell apart, but I am VERY excited to be in this new one. I think it will be a great year of learning and growing for all of us!

kristen@nosmallthing said...

I seriously LOVE Haikus. I didn't even know about them until I got an email about 10 years ago with Dog Haikus. Hilarious! I don't know where I was when they mentioned Haiku in school...

Their Haiku are great! Very smart boys you've got there!

Julie said...

The Haikus were fun. Not having to rhyme is a plus, although the boys LOVE to rhyme.

The nice thing is that it coordinated in so many ways... spiders, Japan, and syllables.

One of the Haiku rules is the 5-7-5 syllables per line, which is something we've been working on - related to HoH issues AND with my littlest little :0)

tammy said...

EEWWWWW ... gosh I hate spiders! They just creep me! I had a very hard time getting through this post Julie ... I did it, but it wasn't easy! Great jobs on the Haikus! Poetry was one of my favorite things to teach!!