Thursday, October 23, 2008

Soccer Saturday... again

I haven't posted many pictures... haven't gotten organized enough to sort through the really great ones my dad and sister have taken. But here is a sample of Kerry's (point and shoot), until I get more motivated... or more free time, whichever comes first. *sigh*

Here is Wyatt, nicknamed "The Wrecking Ball" by his coach, because he can swing from one side of the field to the other and "destroy" the other team's "attacks" before they can build. That kid is FAST! He has probably just stolen the ball from the boy in orange and is outrunning him, to turn the ball and send it back upfield. Wyatt usually plays defense. He takes it very personally if anyone gets by him, and is highly motivated to keep the ball out of the goal... sometimes even away from the goalie.

What Tate lacks in speed, he makes up in momentum. And actually, he has picked up a LOT of speed and stamina in the last year. He said to me, "Mom, before, when a player got by me with the ball, I used to just stop running and hope that the goalie, or someone else would stop him. But now I keep chasing him and get the ball away from him." No kidding! Tate likes to play defense or "mid" - which allows him to range over almost the entire field. Though his speed and agility have improved, he still plays a pretty physical game. Tate is a force to be reckoned with!

Gunnar has probably shown the most improvement this season, of my three boys. Of course, he has the farthest to go... We have been thrilled to see him actually going for the ball, even when an opponent has control of it (!), and following the play, rather than just kicking it and letting it go. He has been much more confident this year about getting right into the fray. Like his brothers, he is a dedicated defensive player. Although they don't really have goalies at this level (BU7), he likes to play defense, and does pretty well at it! Still, Gunnar primarily likes to play just because he likes to play... with his friends. You'll often see him cheering for his teammates and running up for a high five, or even a hug, after a good play. :0)

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