Thursday, October 16, 2008

This week...

What a WEEK! I know, this means much less to you than to me, but I'm tempted to list, here, the events of the week, because it's a whopper. How about one DAY, then? Tuesday...

7am The boys have been up and going for almost half an hour, and we all eat breakfast together.
7:30 I get all the school stuff ready for the day, and make a few copies of the skeletal system to label.
8am Or something like it... we start school. We are trying to get all our work done (Bible, grammar, handwriting, journals, math, reading and science) before lunch, because that's when things start to spin...
1pm We have a late lunch, and then
1:30 Tate and I zip up to the school for Sign Language class
2:00 Tate wants to walk home alone (big boy!) which is great because I have to get to a...
2:30 Dr. appointment, with the ENT (more later), and the grocery store, and get home in time for
4:30 Tate practices on one field, and Gunnar practices at a different location, until...
5:30 We rush home, get all the sweaty boys showered and dressed, then (a treat!)
6pm We leave the house, and eat dinner OUT (!) at Arby's, on our way to
7pm Church, for a 5-week class we are taking. The kids get to play games with a bunch of other kids. This gets done at
8:15... or 8:30 And the boys are wound up, and it's a 20 minute drive home to get the boys calmed, teeth-brushed, jammied, and IN BED!

That is NOT how I normally choose to live life!

And here's the irony... I was asked to speak at a MOPS group this morning (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers), and the topic had to do with lies we believe. One of them being, "There's not enough time to do all the things I need to do". So I had been mulling this over, for the last few days, because I constantly feel like this. (I want a secretary! Ha ha ha....) But the TRUTH is, there is always enough time for what GOD wants me to do today. There may NOT be enough time for things that I think I should do, or that other people think I should do, but there's enough time for HIS plan.

So, frankly, Tuesday alarmed me. But guess what? It went great :0) His agenda.

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leahlefler said...

I LOOOVVVEEE MOPS! We have a group in our little town and it is the most wonderful group for moms who feel overwhelmed with little ones. And the guest speakers are always great.