Friday, February 27, 2009


I'm having trouble with "comments".

While "operator error" is always a possibility (!) I've tried to be very aware of what I am clicking. A few of you have left me comments that I have tried to publish... and then they have vanished.

Not being a tech wizard, I haven't yet discovered how to even contact Blogspot about the problem. Still working on it.

In the meantime, if you don't see your comment, please don't take it personally!


Denise Portis said...

You are EDITING ME! (just kidding) I actually had this problem when I was using Blogger up until 2007. My blog was large enough, I started having little "quirks" like comments not posting, pictures only showing up for a day, etc.
It seems like Blogger had a great customer service site. I'd definitely report the problem and hopefully they can help!

Huh? (A hard-of-hearies favorite word!)


Julie said...

"Huh?" Definitely a word I hear a lot :0)

I found a way to send a message to the help people. Hopefully it will resolve.

I'm such a low-tech person! I'd hate to have to move the blog because that would mean figuring out a whole new system. Ack!