Friday, February 6, 2009

It's Out

To all who prayed and were concerned:

Wyatt is downstairs on the couch, watching "Planet Earth", and doing well. Actually, he's complaining and upset because he's not allowed any "real" food today. I have promised - in spite of our "buying fast" - to get him a milkshake this afternoon, which is allowed :0)

The surgery went just fine. Wyatt was really nervous about The Needle. (They put him completely out with an IV.) The staff handled his anxiety just great - compassionate, but no-nonsense. "This is what we're going to do. This is what won't hurt, and this is what will hurt just for a few seconds, and then you'll go to sleep."

He was nauseous coming out of anesthesia (must run in the family *sigh*), but I don't think he remembers it. He's on clear liquids this morning, "blended food" (milkshakes, yogurt, cream soup etc.) for the rest of the day, and soft food tomorrow. They also gave him a prescription for Tylenol with codeine, so he's going to rest a lot today! And we'll see how he feels tomorrow.

Hallelujah, it's over. Once he feels a bit better I can tell him, "This was the worst of it! Braces will be nothing compared to this!" But I don't think he's ready to appreciate that yet.

They gave him the tooth - in two pieces. HUGE root. No wonder that thing was stuck! He's expecting the tooth fairy to come through in a big way for this one :0)

Anyway, thank you all very much for the prayers. We continue to pray that he heals quickly and have every reason to anticipate that he will. (If I can only get that kid to rest...)

P.S. We had none of the drama of the little kid in the video!


Deborah said...

Glad to know Wyatt's doing well and that there was none of the drama of the video.

I showed my hubby it just now. He laughed too!

leah said...

Thank goodness Wyatt is through the worst of it and can recover with a milkshake! Braces will be a piece of cake. And I'm glad that he wasn't stoned like the little kid in that video, lol.

Denise Portis said...

So glad that is behind Wyatt now! I was praying all morning!

You are right... braces will be a piece of cake!