Monday, February 16, 2009

Simple Woman #6

FOR TODAY February 16, 2009

Outside My Window... More fresh snow, but at a higher elevation than my house :0) “Dino-opolis” ( a miniature world the boys have created with their old toy dinosaurs) in the dirt in the back yard, and a fence, in progress.

I am thinking... about how to help Tate with his math. And his spelling. Yikes.

I am thankful for... homeschooling, especially after a conversation with my sister. She’s a high school English teacher. And if all teachers were like her, my kids might still be in public school :0) But too much is out of the control of the teachers.

Case in point… in response to new state-wide requirements, her high school is changing their schedule. As it stands now, starting next year the students will have a “block” schedule – meaning they have “A” and “B” days, where they go to different classes.

So far, so good! The block schedule allows longer class periods to really delve into the subject matter. I think of subjects like science. How much labwork can you get done in an hour? Or 45 minutes? So the block schedule isn't the problem. Actually, we kind of do that for homeschool :0)

But get this… as it stands now, they will have NINE different classes. NINE! Honestly, do you think most high schoolers can keep track of homework and assignments from nine different subjects at once?! Even if one class was an elective, or a PE or something like that, can they focus well on eight subjects at once??? Personally, I think it’s madness.

From the learning rooms... it’s “recess” and the boys are in their bedroom, with their digital cameras (a Christmas gift from Aunty Tami and Uncle Dave)

From the kitchen... nothing yet, but I’m thinking ‘fish’ for dinner. I’m kind of a ‘stock piler’ when it comes to groceries. I'm not a hoarder, I just don’t like shopping. I must be missing the gene. So, being really short on money, I’m trying to “shop” our own cupboards and freezer, and use up things I had been saving. I have some “real” tuna (not the canned stuff) from a friend, in the freezer. It needs to start thawing and then marinate…

I am wearing... gray pants, white turtle-neck, and a red and white sweater… still in the Valentine mood :0)

I am creating... tidiness, clean spaces, empty spaces, and breathing room.

I am going... staying home today :0)

I am reading... “Wuthering Heights”, for my bookclub, next week

I am hoping... to find/qualify for cheaper insurance. Ours is killing us. We pay almost $700 for the insurance (just for Kerry and I), and then they don’t seem to cover much. 50% or less is what it looks like to me. UGH.

I am hearing... my laundry slave washing machine.

Around the house... some red candles I’m still burning, an enormous K’Nex roller coaster the boys have made, and books. Piles of books everywhere. They multiply when I’m not looking.

One of my favorite things... a clean floor.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: homeschool, MITI prayer group, and then Kerry and some friends are having a manly-man weekend up in the mountains. They’re going snow-shoeing. (Personally, I think snow-shoeing is about the dumbest activity ever invented. Give me a pair of x-country skis any day.) But when he’s gone I get together with another mom and kids for pizza and playtime!

Here is picture thought I am sharing... Do you remember reading books about "Harold and the Purple Crayon"? Tate left this in the school room :0)


leah said...

I'm not a fan of shopping, either- especially grocery shopping! I love Tate's lego-man picture, lol.

Melinda said...

I really enjoyed reading your Daybook today. I totally agree with you about the high school block schedule. This is one of the many reasons we decided to home school. Also, you are not the only one who doesn't like shopping, especially grocery shopping. I hate it too : )

Denise Portis said...

I just love reading these. I went to Simple Woman website, and I'm afraid I'm just not techie enough to even understand how to post the "button" and use it each Monday! Oh well! Smile! At least I get to read yours!

Julie said...


If you want to participate, just copy the questions out. I put them in a word file and just paste them into a new blog entry each Monday and fill in the answers.

As far as the button... I just dragged it onto my desk top - it's a jpg and then add it, as if it were a photo each time I post.

There's probably someone smarter than me that knows a better way :0)

Melinda - glad to meet you :0)

And 'hi' to Leah :0)

Deborah said...

Isn't the high school block system going back to the days before the semester system? Just let me ask my husband. (He's five years older than me. Heh heh! We don't have a lot of the same memories).

He's says,they had nine periods a day. Yikes!

Real tuna. Yum! I kinda like the challenge of scouring the cupboards to see if I can come up with a healthy meal.(Notice I didn't say tasty).

I love the photo! Your boys certainly have great imaginations! My son would have a grand time with them!

Denise Portis said...

OK! I will try your suggestions and see how it goes. I'd love to have a "Simple Woman" kind of reflections once a week. I think it's a great way to go into the work week! Thanks!
(crossing my fingers and toes it works)