Friday, February 27, 2009

Bible Reading

We've been working on our Bible reading program with our "Daily Bible". So far so good. I'm really pleased :0) The boys will remind me if I forget, and breaking it into chunks (OT in the morning, NT at lunch, and Psalm/Proverb at dinner) has made the reading times very manageable. The boys are willing to take turns reading, as well, and I love it. Especially little Gunnar. We often let him read the Psalm and help him with the big words :0)

I have to confess, though, that we've done a wee bit of "skimming" lately. Oh, we've soldiered through many of the long names in the genealogies and the census, the specific instructions for making the tabernacle and its contents, and how to deal with infectious skin diseases, mildew in the house, and detestable vs. acceptable edible insects. But then came the rest of Leviticus...

It's not only that many of the prohibitions no longer apply (wearing clothes of mixed fibers, eating animals that don't have a fully split hoof, etc.). It's the subject matter I'm really just not willing to discuss with the boys yet.


Like, Leviticus 15 and Leviticus 18.

I'm just not ready to "go there" yet, with the kids.


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leah said...

Yeah... I wouldn't be going there yet, either! There are definitely some very adult issues mentioned. I remember reading through some of the Leveticus laws, thinking... would people even DO that? Apparently they do, because they had to make a law about it!

And I'm glad we're not restricted to Kosher laws anymore (I like my bacon)!