Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I know.

Completely pathetic.

I keep changing the "look". And that's not what matters, right? I mean, I don't read your blogs to see what color your background is :0)

But for a visual person, it does matter.

Okay, I liked the bright colors with the "Bubbles and Daisies" background, but every time I logged on I thought, "This just isn't me."

It reminded me of Wyatt, who remembers the most ridiculous lines from the most ridiculous places (and can imitate them with scary accuracy), saying in a ditzy, fluff-brain falsetto:

"In my world, everyone eats rainbows and poops out butterflies."

(I think you have "Horton Hears a Who" to thank for that little thought.)

Granted, I don't spend a lot of time writing Deep Profound Thoughts. But on the off-chance I actually want to say something important... well, the "Bubbles and Daisies" motif just seemed hard to take seriously.

----- Oh my. We interrupt this moment of introspection to announce the arrival of MORE SNOW. It's not sticking, but I thought you should know. -------

So, bear with me. For those of you that are girly girls, I salute you. But I am not one of you :0) I am more convinced with each passing day that God knew what He was doing when he gave me a family of boys.


---- Well, yes, it is sticking. ----


Mel-Beth said...

Julie! Forget the daisies - it is sticking and there is a LOT of it now. Hmmmmm, and to think that I hoping spring was just around the corner!

Annie said...

Why yes, I'm a girly girl. ;)

Denise Portis said...

How jealous am I that you are getting more snow and it's STICKING? Let's just say I'm green...

It took having a baby girl "once upon a time" to put this tom-boy in touch with her own "girly girl". God has a great sense of humor and gave me a feminine, petite "girly-girl" for a daughter. It's only be HIS grace I've turned the sissy on to hiking finally.

Don't apologize about changing the "look". I'm still not happy with my "banner".

I have a confession... it would be really "WAY COOL"... like CRAZY SICK, to be able to poop out butterflies!

Julie said...


You and I both remember soccer Saturdays being SNOWED OUT last March... and even April!

And Annie,

You may be a girly girl at heart, but you're not prissy :0)


You always crack me up!

We actually had a girl around the house for awhile. Our niece lived with us for almost a year when she was two.

There was a lot that was fun about that, but oh my word! She was the girliest girly girl I've ever known! And just a toddler!

leah said...

Ugh- snow is the real "S" word in our house! We have rain and 50 degrees today, but it's going to be 20 degrees tomorrow. Oy.

God gave me boys, too, knowing that I don't have a CLUE when it comes to doing hair, tutus, or anything else pink. I'm good with Legos, which is good enough for my boys!