Thursday, February 19, 2009

Science at its finest

Boys being boys, we're doing science outside today. We're wrapping up a unit on geology and I remembered a little box I ordered from Rainbow Resources last fall.


Just give them a hammer, goggles, and rocks to smash and they're happy for a good long time :0)


Denise Portis said...

Oh now THOSE are cool! If I were there, I'd be askin' for a hammer of my own. Gee, that would be so fun! (I miss having younger students).


leah said...

Geodes are so cool. I didn't know you could buy a kit of geodes! Matt would go crazy for whacking things with a hammer!

We have a really cool fossil deposit area around here where you can keep what you find- I think I'll take the boys there this summer. Nolan's too young, but Matt will like finding them!

Julie said...

The fossil deposit area sounds fun! The boys actually found one in our back yard - an imprint of a leaf and something grassy looking. There's a lot of sandstone around here.

If you're interested in the geodes, I'll go back and link Rainbow Resources in the post. The kit was only a few dollars. It was supposed to come with 10 (possible) geodes, but ours had 12 in the box. Some were quite small. They claim that 80% will have crystals. I gave each of the boys one to crack. Wyatt and Tate had "winners", but Gunnar's was a dud. But the next one I handed him had crystals inside. I'm saving the rest for another day :0)