Wednesday, February 25, 2009

That's MY motto...

What with the sluggish economy Kerry has had more motivation to get his (previously non-existent) website up and running. It's still pretty bare-bones, but has a nice little slide show of a few of his projects. Excited, I called the boys in to have a look. They were politely encouraging. Tate said:

"Almost all the buildings he designed are better than most buildings."

Catchy, but not quite a business slogan.


Deborah said...

Politely encouraging is always good :0)! I have to do that with my kids sometimes.

I'm thinking we're getting some of your weather here. Big soggy flakes.

Btw, I like this look. I was wondering on the daisies and bubbles...:0)

Julie said...

Y'know... I liked the brightness, but the design was a bit juvenile. If I were 13 or 14, maybe.

Blue is my "happy color" :o)