Monday, February 23, 2009

Simple Woman #7

FOR TODAY February 23, 2009

Outside My Window... Sun peeking through the clouds, kindergarteners walking home from the school up the hill, and recently raked flower beds, with a few green shoots poking up – grape hyacinth, tulips, and irises.

I am thinking... I need would really like a secretary. And a maid. Better yet, a despachante. Yeah, that would be good.

I am thankful for... Kerry, home from a long weekend of playing in the snow, and the fun time the boys and I had while he was gone.

From the learning rooms... piles of broken rocks – the boys’ latest fascination. Since cracking the geodes last week they have been smashing all kinds of rocks from the yard. We’re trying to sort the sedimentary from the igneous. The plentiful sandstone is easy to identify, and they’ve found some beautiful pieces of granite with large-ish crystals. Not sure where that came from. And a lovely fossil imprint of a leaf and something grassy.

From the kitchen... I have some elk meat bubbling away in the crock pot with carrots and red potatoes, and the smell is making me hungry! But that’s for dinner. We’ll be making some PBJ’s for lunch, most likely.

I am wearing... blue jeans, two layers of blue shirts, and a purple sweatshirt.

I am creating... plans and schedules. Trying to get our daily schedule on a more even keel – especially the evenings. Now that the boys are all readers, it’s easy to skip reading aloud to them, and I don’t want that to fall by the wayside. If I can just get dinner ready by 6 every night (hence, the crock pot), then they can have some free time after dinner and still have RA time before bed. At least, that’s the plan…

I am going... to take Wyatt to the doc for a quick check-up, and then swing by the grocery store. The pharmacy there fills his prescription AND (oh glory) we can return our public library books there AND (even better) they back-date them a day.

I am reading... just finished “Wuthering Heights”, for bookclub. What a dismal, depressing story.

I am hoping... to finish tidying my office. It’s been a wreck. If I get it tidy and organized enough, then I give myself “permission” to get out my sewing machine and start another project. :0)

I am hearing... Wyatt, learning to play “Camptown Races”, and the younger boys having some kind of demolition derby with K’nex motorcycles they have built. I think.

Around the house... Wyatt practicing the piano, Tate reading, and Gunnar trying to entice Tate to play.

One of my favorite things... hot cocoa.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: put away the Valentine decorations, put some things on craigslist, go to bookclub, wax the kitchen floor, and invite someone over for lunch next Sunday.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Ya gotta love Model Magic.


Deborah said...

Model Magic is the best!! Btw, if that's your kitchen floor why do you need to wax it??

Julie said...

That's my kitchen counter.

Our floor is real linoleum - not vinyl. It's like what you'd see in a school or a store, 12 inch linoleum tiles. But mine is BLUE. It gets dull after awhile and I need to scrub it and wax it.

Once in awhile I hire someone to come in and professionally strip it, wax it, and buff it. But the way things stand right now... it's just me and the Mop-n-Glo. :0)

Deborah said...

Lol!! Sorry, it looked like a nice, clean shiny floor! Instead it's a nice, clean, shiny countertop.

Hmmm! Not envying you when it comes to your floor. Our kitchen is unfinished wood parquet that when you wash it stinks like wet wood and makes your water filthy -- perhaps I should wash it a little more often:0). I think it will just smell like wetter wood though.

I am supposed to wax it, but the first -- and last time I did that I wiped out on it and ended up with a bruise covering half my thigh. Never again!

Julie said...

Yikes! Ours doesn't get slippery when it's dry. When the mudroom floor gets wet... that's another story.